Las Cruces Game Convention 2020

A Southwest Gaming Event

Pre-Registration 2019

$15 Early Gamer
1 Ticket for Both Days LCGC 2019
$20 Last Minute
Both Days Entrance for LCGC 2019. Tickets go up to $30 at the door.

Your entrance ticket gets you:
1 Special GameStop Bag with freebies from our sponsors
1 Q&A + Autograph session with our special guests.
1 entry to see the Martial Arts Demonstration from Blue Dragon Dojo
1 entry to Ramen Warrior (Ramen Eating Contest) (if desired to enter)
1 entry to Cosplay Contest (If desired to enter)
1 entry to Video Game Trivia Contest (if desired to enter)

1 entry to Balloon Fight Event (if desired to enter)
Unlimited Arcade and Console Free Play Gaming
Access to All Panels

VR is extra charge.

Major Tournaments (note: there's a $5 charge to enter each tournament per person)

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Pokken Tournament DX

Tetris Attack / Puzzle League


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Other possible non-major side tournaments (depends on hype):

Call of Duty World War 2

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
Titanfall 2
The King of Fighters

680 E University Dr Las Cruces, NM 88005